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Anishinaabe designer converts daily waste into beaded artworks

Key takeaways: 

  • The newest exhibition from Nico Williams includes beaded cereal cartons, Kraft Dinner box. 
  • Designer Nico Williams has the latest art exhibition where he beaded parts of waste that he discovered while walking through the roads of Montreal. 
  • One individual’s waste is another man’s artwork. 

Nico Williams turns garbage into beaded artworks: 

Nico Williams, an Anishinaabe modern artist, is converting pieces of waste that he discovered lying on the land in Montreal into beaded artworks for the latest exhibition. 

He stated that in the past, Indigenous individuals utilized baskets and basketry to grasp things, and handed the objects down from ages to ages. With his newest work, he expects to get individuals thinking about the items they bring into their houses, and how they are temporary pieces that get utilized only one time. 

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“I’ve been getting approached by the group and they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, we love this work.’ And they’re laughing because it’s just so rez,” stated Williams, who is from Aamjiwnaang First Nation in southwestern Ontario. Source –

In the past, he has beaded lottery scratch tickets and his latest exhibition including a 3d way grocery bag, as well as cereal and Kraft dinner boxes. 

“I think there’s always humour within the Indigenous group as it’s like an alleviating process, and it’s good to have a good laugh with the group,” stated Williams. Source –

The artist has also beaded a J Cloth, which he stated prompts him of his grandmother’s home. 

“It’s just an item that we all had in our homes,” stated Williams. Source –

“A plenty of stuff occurred in the kitchen like … when aunties would sit at a table on Sundays or Friday nights all together as a group. So it’s kind of interesting that I’m using these items in the kitchen to attempt to have that discussion and that relationship.”  Source –

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